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Zoho Stone HybriCast™ GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) Cladding


When PCI-certified GFRC is specified in architectural drawings instead of Forton MG, Zoho Stone can design, engineer, supply, and install GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) exterior cladding systems for institutional and commercial buildings that are beautiful, durable, and energy efficient. Weighing up to 50% less than architectural precast,  GFRC Architectural Cladding panels reduce the weight and cost of the foundation, footings, and structural framing needed to support multi-story buildings compared to regular precast. This enables the owner to reduce overall construction costs and accelerate schedules without sacrificing the durability or the architectural aesthetic of precast concrete fabrication. GFRC cladding is used in new commercial projects which call for large panels or in recladding of existing building facades. It is also used instead of regular precast in many other decorative elements where either design are complex or weight is an issue. From Aggregate panels with multi-color finish to complex geometric shapes used to accent other building materials, GFRC is more efficient alternative to regular precast.




  • Lightweight - ±20 lbs/sqft

  • 3x Stronger than cast stone

  • Glass Fiber Prevents Breakage

  • Easily Shaped With Standard Tools

  • Finished With Paint Or Texture

  • Timely Installation




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