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Zoho Stone's GFRG



A milestone in the evolution of plaster casting methodology that emerged in the 1970s, Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (Known as GFRG, or just GRG) further expands the plasterer’s craft into the realm of contemporary design and construction.

Zoho Stone GFRG is primarily utilized for interior applications. It consists of high-strength, high-density alpha-based gypsum reinforced with continuous filament glass fiber or chopped glass fiber strands. The lightweight properties of GFRG make it highly sought after, especially in areas where weight considerations are crucial, such as ceilings. Additionally, GFRG exhibits excellent fire-retardant properties and can be easily installed using drywall techniques, minimizing the need for extensive on-site labor.


With our extensive expertise in crafting moldings and architectural elements of various styles, shapes, and sizes, Zoho Stone is uniquely qualified to fabricate GFRG for projects of any scale. We actively collaborate with design teams during the development phase to ensure the seamless realization of their vision. Furthermore, we engage in proactive consultations with builders to verify as-built dimensions and specific details for project-specific conditions. Custom projects comprise the majority of the work undertaken in our 30,000 square foot workshop.

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