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Zoho Stone's FRP (GFRP) Cladding


Zoho Stone's supplied FRP (aka GFRP) is a plastic (or polymer) composite matrix that is reinforced with glass fibers, and used for interior and exterior applications. The fibers add strength and stiffness to the composite which makes it durable, chemical resistant and has excellent weathering, flexural and tensile physical properties. This fiberglass composite matrix has a Class A (or 1) fire rating and the matrix besides transferring loads from fiber to fiber, protects the fibers from mechanical abrasion and chemical reactions with the environment. Since it has no inherent form, FRP can be manufactured in virtually any shape with smooth, textured, perforated or patterned surfaces, providing architects with ample design flexibility. Technological advances such as new finishes that better simulate traditional material make FRP nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. So much so that some in the industry refer to FRP as "Synthetic Cast Stone".
This versatile material weights approximately 2Lbs/Sqft which boast lower installation cost, lower life-cycle costs as well as reduced transportation and handling costs. Typically, FRP products can be screwed or bolted onto the structure without heavy steel supports. Most items are custom made to meet project design requirements and specifications.




  • Thin: 3/16"- 3/8" thick

  • Class A fire rating UV resistant 

  • Comp Strength of up to 25,000 psi 

  • Light weight: 2lbs/sqft 

  • Customizable and durable 

  • Can be recycled as fillers 



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