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Zoho Stone HybriCast™ Forton® MG (Modified Gypsum)



In 1990, the Forton® Modified Gypsum Casting System (HybriCast™ FMG) was introduced into the global market as an alternative light weight architectural precast to regular heavy concrete. or GFRC. HybriCast™ FMG is an ultra strong, ultra light, weatherproof, odorless, and most importantly, non toxic and non porous material casting system that can be sculpted like plaster. FMG consists of a gypsum plaster modified (Modified Gypsum) by the addition of fiber-glass. The system involves mixing precise amounts of several products, including Hydrocal FGR-95 from US Gypsum (gypsum-based cements), dry melamine resin powder, a hardener, a liquid polymer called Forton® VF-812 and glass fibers. These various ingredients are the base to which aggregates, colorants and metallic powders may be added. Giving us the ability to create the look of any material, such as sandstone, limestone, marble, and even metal! Applications for HybriCast™ FMG includes solid or hollow casting of architectural ornaments, replication of natural materials for restoration, custom decorative art, and cold cast metal.

Zoho Stone's products contain gypsum modified by the inclusion of Forton® brand polymer, which is manufactured by Smooth-On Corporation. Forton® is a registered trademark . All rights reserved.




  • Minimal Porosity - Polymer Based

  • Shell Casted - 3/8"-3/4" thick

  • Lightweight - ±6 lbs/sqft

  • Faster / Cheaper Installation

  • Produced 4x faster than concrete

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Reduces Overall Cost




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