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Zoho Stone HybriCast™ Forton® MG (Modified Gypsum)

Forton MG, introduced in 1990, stands as a pioneering lightweight material meticulously engineered for exterior architectural applications. Setting itself apart from conventional concrete and GFRC, Forton MG boasts a composition devoid of sand or cement, instead harnessing the power of high-performance polymers, fibers, and aggregates. The resulting composite material presents unparalleled strength and durability, revolutionizing the field of architecture.

Prominently among its key advantages is Forton MG's remarkable reduction in weight compared to cementitious products, boasting a mere 6 lbs per square foot (30 kg/m2). This exceptional lightweight characteristic simplifies handling, transportation, and installation, translating into substantial cost and time savings throughout the construction process.

Forton MG further exhibits exceptional resistance to water absorption, courtesy of its non-porous properties. Unyielding against the effects of weathering, freeze/thaw cycles, and environmental factors, this material ensures long-term durability without compromising structural integrity or succumbing to cracks and degradation.

The exceptional strength of Forton MG stems from its high-performance polymer matrix and fiber reinforcement, empowering architects and designers to explore intricate shapes and designs with unwavering confidence. Notably, the total overall cost of Forton MG proves to be lower than that of GFRC when accounting for installation expenses. Leveraging its lightweight nature, installation predominantly utilizes light gauge framing, hat channels, and zip clips, replacing the need for heavy steel framing in concrete panels. This reduction in installation costs positions Forton MG as a Value Engineering solution.

Moreover, Forton MG demonstrates remarkable resistance to UVA/UVB rays, preserving its color and appearance even under prolonged exposure to sunlight. This commendable UV resistance significantly reduces the necessity for frequent maintenance or refurbishment, ensuring long-lasting aesthetics and functionality.

Embark on a journey of sustainability with Forton MG, an unassuming force that redefines eco-consciousness. Uniting a water-free composition with an impressively reduced carbon footprint—merely 1/10th of cement-based alternatives—Forton MG empowers architects and builders to embrace environmentally responsible construction practices without compromising the highest standards of quality and performance.

Choose Forton MG, and embrace the harmonious balance where sustainability and excellence converge, reshaping the realm of architectural brilliance.



  • Minimal Porosity - Polymer Based

  • Shell Casted - 3/8"-3/4" thick

  • Lightweight - ±6 lbs/sqft

  • Faster / Cheaper Installation

  • Produced 4x faster than concrete

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Reduces Overall Cost




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